Hardest Hit Fund Program (HHF) And Emergency Homeowners Loan Programs (EHLP)

Due to the federal government’s inability in helping struggling homeowners stop foreclosure and save their homes through the Making Home Affordable Program, the Obama administration has decided to help home loan debtors in availing affordable and favorable mortgage repayment options through two new plans aiding foreclosure prevention. The Housing Finance Agency is planning to help some of the severely affected states through the “Hardest Hit Fund” which will provide $2 billion to the states experiencing high unemployment levels, and increasing levels of foreclosures. Moreover, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is to allocate an additional $1 billion fund via “Emergency Homeowner Loan Program” to help homeowners experiencing substantial reduction in their monthly cash inflow due to many reasons such as underemployment, unemployment, medical conditions etc for up to 24 months.

The main purpose of the projected programs is to strengthen the already fragile housing market by aiding responsible home owners in decreasing their monthly mortgage payments, and make their home loans more affordable to redeem. The programs are specifically designed to help the federal government’s Making Home Affordable Program obtain the projected results of aiding striving home owners in preventing foreclosures and saving their homes, since the program has failed to achieve this in the past. The assigned $3 billion fund focuses on improving the housing market by aiding borrowers in making their home loans more affordable, and easier to redeem. To know more about the programs, it’s recommended you avail the free non-binding consultations offered by MortgageITT’s lawyers who specialize in stopping foreclosures.


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Hardest Hit Fund

The Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) program to be offered by the federal government aims to provide emergency financial relief to homeowners in the states which are worst affected by foreclosures and bankruptcies. It was required to deal with foreclosures and delinquencies related issues at a local level, and customize the home modification and refinance programs in accordance to the problems and issues faced by the borrowers at community levels. The HHF is to directly fund the worst affected states, and help them use the funds in aiding the Making Home Affordable Program, as well as designing and implementing highly customized and properly targeted unemployment related programs and plans to decrease the delinquency levels, and also promote affordable home loan redemption.

The HHF program is to be made available to states suffering from high unemployment levels that are equal to or above the national average in the past 12 months. States that have received the benefit from various federal debt relief programs in the past are to utilize the funds in improving upon the unemployment levels through specially designed treasury approved employment generation programs in accordance to the local community conditions. The purpose is to provide temporary financial aid to eligible homeowners in redeeming their home loans, and to help them in finding employment, or if that’s not possible then undertake new job training.

Please provide us your contact details by filling up our online application form to find out whether you’re eligible for the HHF program. Our federal programs attorney will contact you at your convenience and analyze your mortgage liability, and provide the required counseling to help you become eligible for the program. The services offered are totally free and non-binding.

States that have not worked out any HHF unemployment programs are to present their proposals by September 1, 2010 according to the established guidelines, and explain in details what their exact financial needs are for their particular state. The funds to be made available to the states eligible for the HHF program as per their population are:

States Amounts
Alabama $ 60,672,471
California $ 476,257,070
Florida $ 238,864,755
Georgia $ 126,650,987
Illinois $ 166,352,726
Indiana $ 82,762,859
Kentucky $ 55,588,050
Michigan $ 128,461,559
Mississippi $ 38,036,950
Nevada $ 34,056,581
New Jersey $ 112,200,638
North Carolina $ 120,874,221
Ohio $ 148,728,864
Oregon $ 49,294,215
Rhode Island $ 13,570,770
South Carolina $ 58,772,347
Tennessee $ 81,128,260
Washington, DC $ 7,726,678

HUD Emergency Homeowners Loan Program

This program is specially designed to aid home owners in the states as well as areas which are not covered by the HFF program, and so the Emergency Homeowners Loan Program or the EHLP supports the HHF by providing financial relief and opportunities through a “bridge loan”. The bridge loan is special loan having zero percent interest, and is a non-recourse type of subordinate loan. As per the program, states and non-profit institutions have to offer:

  • A declining balance
  • A deferred payment loan or a bridge loan for up to $50,000, and help the eligible applicants to:
  • Remain regular on their mortgage principal amount
  • Avail reduced net interest rates
  • Get an affordable mortgage insurance
  • Pay the taxes
  • Get a hazard insurance for up to a maximum of 24 months.

To Qualify for the EHLP Program, the applicant should be:

  • Delinquent in paying the monthly payments for a minimum of last 3 months, able to afford and support the house hold expenses, and make regular monthly mortgage payments in two years time
  • Owning a single home which is also the applicant’s primary residence
  • Able to show an acceptable past payment history before the reduction in the monthly income

MortgageITT’s HHF and EHLP Services

MortgageITT offers special services to borrowers who have problems while paying off their mortgages. The services are:

  • Analyzing the borrower’s specific debt conditions, and working out the main cause resulting into the debt condition
  • Preparing a customized mortgage repayment plan that suits your specific needs as per your monthly income
  • Arbitrate with your loan provider and make your mortgage redemption affordable
  • Help you qualify for the program that suits you the most

Please fill up our online application form and provide us your contact details so our federal program experts can call you and help you become eligible for the program. The consultations and services offered by MortgageITT are totally free and non-binding.

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